Nicolas Coderre
Co-Founder / CEO

My obsession is turning ideas into reality. Most of my ideas involve using computers to entertain. Lucky for me you can turn that into rent and food.

I've worked on large titles like Flight Simulator X, and simpler ones like Lucky Train. There is always a new challenge around the corner for a good software engineer.

Favorite quote: "I've built a demo for that"
Dan Fessler
Co-Founder / CCO

I draw the pretty pictures here. I began my career in game development primarily as a pixel artist in the mobile industry. I've worked on quite a number of titles ranging from Nintendo DS to Facebook.

I love solving creative problems through technical understanding. It's that union between art and technology that excites me as an artist. As mobile has matured, it has opened the door to awesome possibilities for games.

Favorite quote: "Can you anti-alias that?"
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